Fashion accessories buckles

Ulivelli produces buckles for fashion accessories made of brass and zama for leather or metal belts. Sophisticated design, diversified buckle models and samples, customized etchings and decorations, quality of raw materials and thorough prototype design are the foundation of our workshop's manufacturing process.

The production of metal buckles includes the manufacturing of both sliced iron and die-cast zama buckles. It is possible to choose between a virtually infinite number of models. Among sliced metal buckles, box and military ones are the most required: in this case, the leather or the fabric slides on a milled roller that locks it in the desired point. In addition, particularly requested are sliding buckles and buckles with rollers and barbs, very resistant and affordable by customers preferring quantity (and thus price) to more exclusive final products.

Finally, die-cast zama belt buckles can be of the traditional type, with barbs and plates, but they can all be customized to create unique items. As a final operation, galvanic finishing ends the process once the buckles, already tumbled, are brushed and cleaned of impurities.

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